30 November 2011

The End of the Interregnum

The six posts that precede this one were originally compiled and posted on the first version of Trouble With Comics back in 2009. TWC itself was a spinoff of Comic Book Galaxy, a site I founded back in 2000, and it was meant to recapture some of the freewheeling, all-hands-on-deck feel of the earliest days of CBG.

Recently, I had cause to browse the original TWC archives, and I was looking at Flashmob Fridays, and really despaired that we ever stopped doing it. Since spontaneity and flexibility are built right into the idea, I quickly decided it might be time to give it another go. Joining me and my longtime companion Christopher Allen on this new version of Flashmob Fridays are some writers we admire and are totally jazzed to be working with; some we've shared ideaspace with before, and some for the first time: Yan Basque of Irrelevant Comics, Johanna Draper Carlson, Joseph Gualtieri, Scott Cederlund, Roger Green of Ramblin' With Roger, Chris Arrant, David Allen Jones (perhaps better known as Johnny Bacardi), superfan of everything Matt Springer, Jason Urbanciz, and Mick Martin of Superheroes, Etc.. We hope to add some new names to this lineup from time to time, but these are the core writers who've thrown in their lot with us.

So, here's what you can expect: Every week, this batch of writers-about-comics (and if that description applies to you, or you would like it to, and you'd like to contribute, drop me a line) will converge in this space and weigh in with their thoughts on the comic chosen for review that week. It might be a new release, or a forgotten classic, or something else entirely. The aim is to get as many good writers talking about a specific comic every Friday, to give you, the home reader, a quick sense of what the critical consensus is about a comic you might be interested in buying/reading/downloading/slabbing for future financial windfalls of enormous proportions. I'm not certain yet if we'll have something up this Friday, which as I write this is the day after tomorrow, but for sure by next Friday we'll be ready to roll, and in the meantime we have our initial half-dozen posts from 2009 archived here now. See the archives in the sidebar.

Finally, if you're a creator or publisher and you'd like your comic to get the Flashmob Fridays treatment, we'll need a complete CBR/CBZ or PDF copy of your comic, which you can email to me for consideration.